Microsoft is set to try and steal the hearts of women up and down the land on Thursday with the launch of the UK version of its latest "I'm a PC" campaign.

In the states it was a cute 4.5-year-old girl Kylie, here in the UK Microsoft have plumped for a 5-year-old boy called Lewis doing virtually the same thing, connecting a camera to his PC using Windows Live Photo Gallery, a free downloadable service that allows Windows users to find, organise, fix and share digital memories including photos and video, to kick off their campaign.

Microsoft, keeping the "Childs play" or perhaps "Child labour" message has also enlisted seven-year-old Sam and eight-year-old Danni to do the promotion for them.

As with previous adverts from Microsoft Vista doesn't get a mention.

Expect a UK version of actress, we mean student, Laura trying to find a £700 laptop down Tottenham Court Road any time soon.