The Monday tech deal comes around again and to start the week off we have a smart MP3 and MP4 player for you to cast your critical eye over.

The Sony NWZA829KB video Walkman is on sale at for £99.99 down from its recommended price of £179.99.

Specs include a 16GB capacity, built-in Bluetooth for easy streaming of music and 30 frames per second video playback.

Battery life gives you 36 hours of music, that you can listen to via the wireless Bluetooth headphones, or 10 hours of 30fps video playback that you can watch on the 2.4-inch LCD screen.

Finally the drag and drop file transfer system should make it a doddle to use and the 65-gram weight means it shouldn't feel too bulky in your pocket.

There's a link to the site below and we'll have another tech deal for you tomorrow.