The tech deal today has found a nice way you can save some money if you're planning on investing in a satnav for a trip around Europe this Easter.

TomTom are selling their satnav devices with European maps for the price of a UK/Ireland model.

The offer extends to four of its models at the following prices, the TomTom ONE Europe 22 - £127, TomTom XL Europe 22 - £146, TomTom GO 730 - £245 and the TomTom GO 740 LIVE - £274.

Each of the TomTom devices include a "Help Me!" emergency menu which provides safety advice and information on the laws applicable in the different countries.

The offer is available at a variety of different retailers until 20 April 2009, and the link below will take you directly to the TomTom site where you can navigate to one of their partnered shops.