While the UK waits for the release of the Amazon Kindle, Fujitsu has turned a concept device into a real world product.

In Japan Fujitsu Frontech has announced the commercial launch of the world's first colour e-book reader.

The Fujitsu "FLEPia" gets a touchscreen 8-inch display capable of showing up to 260,000 colours in e-paper "high-definition".

In addition, the FLEPia offers a rather handy Bluetooth hook-up and Wi-Fi wireless connectivity.

The slimline device also offers an internet browser, e-mail, and Microsoft Office applications.

The FLEPia claims 40 hours of continuous battery operation when fully charged, and its 4GB SD card memory can store the equivalent of 5000 books.

The FLEPia goes on sale in Japan in April for 99,750 yen - around £725 - there's no word on a launch outside the country.