I walked into my local pet shop the other day to find an entire aisle full of easily the most bizarre things I’d ever seen. Handbags with odd shaped apertures – pink, fluffy things with diamante studs and charms dangling from them.

"What’s all that?" I asked innocently.

"The latest thing," I was told, with a certain tone that suggested that I really should get out more. Or buy


magazine maybe.

Dogs are, apparently, now fashion accessories. People buy a dog and then carry it around everywhere – sometimes in said handbags.

Quite why they would do this is not clear. Dogs, after all, have more legs and so are well suited to walking. In fact most of them like it. In actual fact, most dogs get a bit testy if you don’t let them walk.

So it was with some dismay that this site appeared on my radar.

Dogs are sensitive souls, so I just hope that owners buying stuff here can afford the therapy in years to come.

Man’s best friend deserves more…


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