It's funny how sometimes the little things can make life so much more bearable, isn't it?

For instance: I was overjoyed to see that the satellite channel FX has decided to show re-runs of

The Wire

, as I've spent the past few years feeling completely left out as friends and colleagues described it as "the best show on TV". I was always left wondering what the fuss was about.

But, I could never quite bring myself to shell out for the box set, simply because it meant a choice of which arm and which leg I'd have to part with.

And that's where this site is an absolute godsend.

The guy behind it was fed up with the cost of DVD box sets and has set this up to receive real-time updates on the best prices from leading online suppliers and supermarkets.

It means you'll never have to suffer the indignation of buying a box set and then discovering it cheaper elsewhere (usually within 24 hours of breaking the seal, in my experience).

Like I said - it's the little things that please me. But that said, this site could be the next big thing as far as online shopping goes.

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