Plenty of announcements means plenty of products to look forward to, but some announcements where more teasers rather than full blown finished models, here are the ones that we are looking forward to.

Windows Mobile 6.5

It might have been announced but unless you are the pickpocket who stole one of the prototype devices at Mobile World Congress, you aren't going to get your hands on Microsoft's latest operating system for some time (officially that is). Due out around October the new OS promises a wealth of features including a new and improved user interface and the ability to allow devices to offer better battery life.


8 megapixels, smegapixels. If you are into your numbers then you'll want to look forward to Idou from Sony Ericsson. Neither its real name or actually finalised yet, that didn't stop the Swedish company from previewing the new phone at the show. What can you expect it to have? A 12-megapixel camera and the promise of "Entertainment Unlimited" what ever than means? Expect an official announcement in the coming months.

i-mate warrior

Another early preview - we weren't even allowed to take pictures because it was still in development and subject to change - the Warrior, and its accompanying phone the Legionnaire is a laptop casing with 10-inch screen and almost full sized keyboard that is powered by a touchscreen smartphone. Plugging the phone into the design allows you to use it as the trackpad. For road warriors (geddit) this is one to watch.

Samsung projector phone

Sod the Omnia and its large screen, you want a phone that will project a movie up to 50 inches so you can create that cinema experience on the bus. Due for release in Korea in the next week or 2, the company has said that it will be bringing it to Europe but so far forgot to mention when. Still if you're a movie fan, or even just a man who does a lot of presenting at people's offices this might save you a lot of lugging around.

Android handsets

Mobile World Congress was supposed to be the big year for Android powered handsets and here at Pocket-lint we were expecting Android city. Then Samsung said it wouldn't be showing an Android handset at the show and it all started to disappear from there. It's not that there isn't commitment for the OS, but Samsung, LG, and Moto all failed to have Android phones at MWC. It was left to HTC to provide the commercial offering - the HTC magic.

He who shall not be named

Yes I know this is called five to look forward to but we did see one phone at the show that we unfortunately can't tell you about, tell you who it's from, or tell you anything about it. All we can say is that it's due out in about 10 months time and promises plenty of improvement on the current handset already available.