We thought we'd try and be a bit topical for today's tech deal.

Given the recent influx of new phones from Mobile World Congress a few of you may be getting excited about which phone you're going to be carrying around with you this year.

So if you can't wait to get the ball rolling towards that new handset, the Nokia E75 is currently available on pre order from Expansys for £374.99. Bundled into the Expansys deal is a free case and car charger which may persuade you to order early if you're mind is already set.

The Nokia E75, according to the manufacturer, gives "the most efficient solution for accessing the world's consumer and corporate email on the go".

As well as email, the device also offers improved calendar capability, contacts and task management along with Nokia Maps, A-GPS and N-gage gaming.

The enhanced email UI includes folder and HTML email support, expandable views and sorting capability by date, sender and size, as well as the most commonly used email functions "just a single click away".

If staying in contact and being available 24/7 is your thing then this phone might be worth checking out, and just in case you need some help making up your mind you'll find a link to the E75 photo story below.