They say that you should take everything in moderation, which on the whole is good advice. However when it comes to music the consensus is generally you can never have too much.

That is why today's Daily Tech Deal is pointing you in the direction of the LG Touch Me, a smart little MP3 player that is down from £74.99 to £43.99 at

Despite its silly name the device apparently ticks all the right boxes supporting MPEG4 video, MP3 and WMA. It also has a 4GB memory, with the battery sited as sufficient for 3 hours of video or 20 hours of music with each charge.

The compact design - measuring 51.5 x 90 x 9.9mm - features a 2.4-inch LCD touchscreen, so an ideal way to carry around your favourite tunes.

If you fancy a look, as ever there is a link below, and we'll have another tech deal for you tomorrow...