It's always a bit tricky playing the eco-friendly card when your main aim, as a technology website, is to tell people about all the latest gadgets available - that need electricity to run on.

However, we are told every little bit helps so for today's Daily Tech Deal we are suggesting an investment in the Freeloader solar charger currently on sale at Ethical Superstore for £24.95 that will save your electricity bill - and maybe a little bit of the planet too.

The basic premise of the device is to allow you to charge up its internal battery using - as the name suggests - the power of the sun, which takes around 5 hours (or 3 hours in conjunction with its USB cable).

Coming with a whole host of adapters (see image) the Freeloader can supply power to a range of devices including phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, iPods and sat navs.

Apparently the green gadget can provide power to phones for around 44 hours, a PSP for 2.5 hours and a PDA or smartphone for 22 hours. It will also do this whilst charging itself, so possibly saving you a bit of time.

So if you fancy taking those first baby steps to a greener lifestyle then this could be for you.

We'll have another tech deal delight for you on Monday...