Are you trying to cut your costs a bit this year? Considered VOiP? As many of you will already know, services such as Skype offer free Skype-to-Skype calls and could be a nice way of reducing your phone bill.

For anyone out there who has not taken the VoIP plunge, today's Daily Tech Deal might be a nice incentive to do so.

The US Robotics cordless Skype dual phone works with the Skype service, with the handset design making internet calling just like a landline phone.

As well as the Skype capabilities, this US Robotics effort can also connect to your existing phone line and operates as a standard telephone.

With a 150 foot indoor range, the USB handset offers speakerphone functionality, an LED backlit display, and claims to offer great call quality.

But we haven't told you the best bit yet - this model is currently on sale over at with a whopping 80% off -bringing the price down to £9.99 from its RRP of £49.99.