Today's Daily Tech Deal is one for all you movie lovers who have an HD TV but no high def content to get the best from your screen.

Let's face it Blu-ray isn't cheap, so we thought that the Samsung DVD-SR275 upscaler available from Cdiscount for £69.00 may do as a credit-crunched alternative.

This smart piece of kit will enable anybody with a TV - which is able to show 1080p images and has an HDMI connection - to watch near HD quality images, without the expense of buying a Blu-ray player.

New DVDs are still that little bit cheaper than Blu-ray discs so as well as saving yourself money that way you also won't have to shell out extra cash updating your current DVD collection.

Connections include HDMI, Componant, Composite and Scart and the upscaler also features a built-in digital tuner which will allow you to watch and record over 40 Freeview channels.

There is a link below to take you through to the Cdiscount shop and we'll have another tech deal for you tomorrow.