Following the apparent success of similar limited editions in time for Christmas last year, Packard Bell have updated their EasyNote line with more limited edition models: the 12-inch EasyNote BG48, the 13-inch EasyNote RS66 and the 17-inch EasyNote ST86.

The notebooks take design cues from all over, with brushed aluminium decks, "moonstone" lids, glossy whites and chocolate trims. Something of a mash-up of Sony Vaio and Fujitsu Siemens, with a dollop of Apple sauce, without the price tag of course.

One interesting detail is that round trackpad. How will this work in practise? We’ll let you know when we get one in to review.

In the meantime, browse the selection of shots below, grabbed at the UK launch venue, inconveniently bathed in darkness or blue lighting...