Logic3 has launched the i-Station Rotate which claims to be the first iPhone-compatible speaker to feature a built-in rotating dock mechanism.

This design means that once in the cradle, any iPhone, iPod touch or the new iPod nano can be turned sideways for watching full screen videos.

The device measures 12.5-inches wide, 5-inches high and 2-inches thick, gets TDMA noise suppression technology to avoid phone noise static, video out and a remote control with iPhone/iPod Menu navigation.

The speaker offers 10W output power and a Class D Amplifier, it runs off four AA batteries ad has a 3.5mm line-in for other audio sources.

The product is £79 and available in December from Currys, Gamestation, HMV, John Lewis, Micro Anvika, and online at Amazon or www.logic3.com.