Vodafone launches Stick Pro USB modem

Vodafone has added to its range of USB modems with the introduction of the USB Stick Pro.

This new stick is apprently designed for "high performance use" and has a sleek black design, a space saving retractable USB connector and also comes with an integrated 4GB microSD memory card.

The Stick Pro is 7.2Mbps compatible - where coverage exists - and boasts upload speeds of 2Mbps.

To mark the launch of its new USB Modem Stick Pro, Vodafone will, for a limited period, offer the mobile broadband 3GB plan for £10 per month for the first 3 months on 24-month contracts while the 5GB plan will be £15 per month for the first 3 months - a saving of £30.

The Stick Pro is available on 5GB plans from free on 24 and 18 month contracts and from £29 on 12-month plans.

Vodafone is also introducing a new 1GB 30 day plan for "Stick Lite" designed for those who need to download more than they upload, for £49 on these 30 days plans.