Claiming to offer the best of Danish retro design, the Tangent Uno has been launched in the UK.

With a curved wooden cabinet, the Uno is available in eight colours including red, purple, yellow, orange and lime green in a high gloss finish and matt white as well as black ash and walnut veneers.

An AM/FM offering, the radio is aimed at those who turn their nose up at DAB's poorer sound quality, or live in an area where DAB coverage is rubbish.

Sound-wise, the Uno offers a 5-watt amplifier, hi-fi quality 3-inch speaker and has aux-input for MP3 players.

Suitable for "technophobes" the controls are simple with just a large tuning knob, a volume control and a power/band switch.

Available now, the Tangent Uno is £100, distributed by Sennheiser in the UK.