A multitude of WirelessHD enabled televisions will be launched at CES in Las Vegas in 2009, Pocket-lint has learnt.

Although no specific details of which manufacturers would be making announcements at the Las Vegas show, SiBeam, the chipset maker that makes the wireless technology possible told Pocket-lint it would be a very "exciting time at the show".

The WirelessHD forum, which was officially formed at CES in 2008, is a short distance technology that allows manufacturers to stream content at 4Gbps to another device, much faster than current Wi-Fi networks.

The technology would allow devices to seamlessly connect to a central hub letting you share pictures off your camera within seconds for example.

It would also allow TV manufacturers to make ultra thin devices, but have the tuners and other electronic elements of the television in a separate box in a cupboard out of sight.

At IFA Philips, Sharp and Sony all announced thin television models that had a separate box, however the Philips and the Sharp offering needed a wired rather than wireless connection. Sony is offering a wireless option, however SiBeam confirmed to Pocket-lint that it wasn't using the WirelessHD technology. The chip maker also confirmed that the wireless option from Sony was adding over £500 to the price.

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