Sanyo has added a new bundle to its eneloop range of re-chargeable batteries.

The new power pack contains 4 x AA cells, 2 x AAA cells , 2 x D-size adapters, 2 x C-size adapters and a quick charger - so everything you need to keep your gadgets juiced up.

Sanyo has also launched a USB charger which comes as standard with two AA or two AAA batteries.

The eneloop range is claimed to be different because they do not discharge as much energy as conventional rechargeable batteries over time - losing 15% of their capacity over a year.

Eneloop batteries can be charged up to 1000 times meaning if they are discharged and charged once a week they will last for 19 years, say Sanyo.

The eneloop range is now available at branches of Argos and online through the retailer's website.