Pioneer has announced two new loudspeaker sets joining the EX Speaker Series: the S-4EX bookshelf and S-8EX centre speakers.

Mirroring the design of last year’s S-3EX tall boy speakers, these smaller sized multi-channel speakers are claimed to "fulfil the needs of the most demanding audiophiles".

Their designs include ceramic graphite diaphragm tweeters mounted concentrically within a magnesium coned midrange driver and the Precision Curve cabinet design.

Pioneer adds: "Ceramic graphite’s lightness and exceptional strength push the diaphragm resonance far beyond the audible range, which results in a cleaner and more accurate sound reproduction".

Both loudspeakers support 160 watts of power.

They come in a beech high gloss veneer or dark teak matte finish and will be available as of October this year.

We don't have prices yet but we'll keep you posted.

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