Zune gets docking alarm clock

iHome has launched the ZN9, the world’s first clock radio for Microsoft's Zune media player.

The ZN9 offers the same kind of features and functionality as iPod-flavoured offerings have been doing for years, such as the options to wake and go to sleep to your Zune music.

In addition there's AM/FM radio presets, a "7-5-2" feature for separate weekday and weekend alarm times, and an extra large, backlit LCD display with dimmer.

Microsoft's Zune, only available in the States, has suffered a blow recently with the news that major US retailer Games Stop has decided to stop stocking the range due to lack of consumer interest.

The device has seen lack-lustre sales since its launch in 2006 despite the introduction of improved second-gen players last year. Microsoft has said it will not get a UK launch until it hits third-gen stage.