The new FMJ A28 75wpc integrated amplifier is Arcam’s latest offering in the mid-priced sector.

The new FMJ model replaces both the £530 Diva A70 and £950 Diva A90 and is priced £750.

"Using wide-band power amplifier technology and ultra stable thermal management from the range topping A38 amplifier, this a great amplifier that reproduces every detail and musical nuance in a recording with breathtaking accuracy", claims Arcam.

Six line level inputs are provided plus a moving magnet
phono stage.

Electro Magnetic Interference is damped using Arcam's "Mask of Silence" technologies.

Also worth a mention are the damped-steel low-resonance chassis, and studio-grade electronic volume control.

The FMJ A28 is available in a black or silver finish.