Photography used to be a pastime for middle-aged men who loved nothing more than to spend hours locked in a darkened room and fiddle with their bellows and obsess about temperature and polish their hardware all the time.

These days everybody's got a camera on them, most of the time, courtesy of the cameraphone.

A revolution not only in communication, but also in the way the world is seen. The term "citizen journalist" is now bandied around on every news desk across the land and every other TV news report now has images taken by people on the spot with their trusty Nokia handsets.

So, everybody's at it and the same can be said when it comes to storing, sharing and printing your pictures.

Here's another one to chuck into the mix.

Orange have put together an online image hub worthy of any amateur snapper's attention. Their prints are competitively priced and delivered back to you the next day (oh, and you get some free ones to start you off).

Online storage and sharing of your albums is as simple as can be and for Orange customers it can be even easier with the handset software - this makes uploading images as soon as you've taken them a breeze.

As well as ordinary prints you can put your images on a range of gifts and poster-sized canvasses.

Sound familiar? Anybody who's ever used Photobox - an old Pocket-lint favourite - won't be at all surprised to hear that this site is run by the very same people.

Different name, different colour scheme, same award-winning service. form


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