Alienware has updated its Area-51 desktop PC so that it now runs off an Intel QX9770 Core 2 Extreme Quad-Core processor.

Here's the science bit - the QX9770 chip is built around 45nm microarchitecture and offers dynamic thermal management solutions.

In addition to the chip, a 1600MHz front side bus allows for faster read/write speeds between the processor and memory and any PCI-Express devices.

"Combine a QX9770 CPU with the new NVIDIA nForce 790i motherboard, with support for both DDR3 memory and PCI-E 2.0, and the new Area-51 desktop speeds past not only the competition, but all expectations, as well", claims Alienware.

The company, in fact, claims that the Area-51 is now its "most robust" gaming platform.

It is available from £2300 with free delivery.