Fatman's iTube 452 stereo amplifier is soon to be available in the UK, "bringing the beautiful looks and sounds of high-end tube amplification to the sub-£1500 price category".

Boasting premium-grade circuitry and featuring nine high-end valve tubes, the fully integrated push-pull design offers four line-input stages – meaning plenty of room to plug-in music sources, such as a CD player – and the package includes a matching dock for your iPod, complete with remote.

Delivering 45 watts per channel of "superb" sound performance a "full-bodied, and precise" soundstage the 452 promises to give you the oh-so-warm sounds you'd expect from such a contraption.

The Fatman iTube 452 will be available in the UK and Europe from April 2008 and will have a thereabouts retail price of £1499.