Weight management "game" coming to the Nintendo DS

Obviously picking up on the Japanese success of the Wii Fit game, due to launch in the UK in April, Ubisoft has announced the release of My Health Coach: Weight Management for the Nintendo DS in summer 2008.

Developed under the guidance of both a fitness coach and a nutritionist, My Health Coach: Weight Management is described as "a new and innovative way to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and lose weight".

My Health Coach: Weight Management will include an exclusive accessory - a pedometer which counts the steps you walk each day and slots into the DS to transfer your stats.

Ubisoft says My Health Coach is a fun, short and rewarding method to help you and guide you, step by step, to a healthier more balanced lifestyle.

The promise is that after just 10 to 15 minutes playing each day, the coaching sessions, daily challenges, mini-games and quizzes will "leave you feeling the difference".