iPods more important to backpackers than toothbrushes...

An iPod is now the most essential item for people undertaking a gap year or going travelling, according to research conducted by the TNT Magazine Travel Show 2008.

The TNT Magazine Travel Show (incidentally taking place on March 8th at the New Connaught Rooms in London) survey of backpackers revealed that 32% of travellers consider the iPod as the most essential item to take travelling with them.

A mobile phone was the next most important item according to the poll, while only 2% of respondents named a first aid kit as the most important item to pack.

The full list of items named as the most essential travel items to take travelling:

1. An iPod/MP3 player – 32%
2. A mobile phone – 19%
3. A book – 14%
4. Toothbrush – 12%
5. Spare pair of pants – 6%
6. Deodorant – 5%
7. Sun-tan cream – 3%
8. Earplugs – 3%
9. First aid kit – 2%
10. Waterproofs – 1%