There are partnerships that will forever stand as giants: Laurel and Hardy, Bonnie and Clyde, Batman and Robin, Brent and Martha.

Eh? Who? Brent Hoberman and Martha Lane Fox set up and subsequently made a fortune. Neither have sat back on their laurels though, and this site is the latest venture from Hoberman.

Spawned, as so many good web ideas are, when the man himself went looking for something online and couldn't find it, mydeco is set for great things.

Essentially it's a search facility for interiors. You'll notice I didn't use the word engine and this is for a very good reason. Mydeco offers so much more than just finding stuff for sale.

Its innovative 3D tools allow you to build a virtual version of any room in your house and then furnish it with stuff from the numerous online catalogues the site can search through. You can then paint the walls and add flooring. Eventually (the site is still a beta) you'll be able to upload a photo of your room and then furnish it digitally.

The idea is so simple it's staggering that somebody hasn't thought of it before. We reckon the problem might have been getting the technology to work quite as well as it does here. It's startlingly simple and looks like the kind of 3D rendering you only used to see on top-end CAD packages.

This is an exciting site and we reckon it could be huge.

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