We think you're going to like this site. Just because it's so damn clever.

Buying a new mobile phone can be a bit daunting and it doesn't really help when you go into a shop because the assistants are all breathing down your neck and often just trying to clear out the stock they've got the most of. The display models are useless too, as they don't give you a sense of how the phone behaves.

With that in mind this site has been set up and it's a wonder that nobody's done it sooner.

Select a phone and you can click on all the buttons and explore all the menus and functions as though you were holding the real thing.

It's limited to only a select few phones at the moment and they're all US models, but the idea is a good one and we hope this expands globally.

Gives you a taste of what the iPhone fuss is about if nothing else.

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