Macworld2008: H2O Audio launches iN3 case for iPod nano

H2O Audio has announced at Macworld2008 that it is now shipping its new iN3 waterproof case. Designed for surf and swim, the iN3 is a new case that follows the form of the new iPod nano.

Although it's compatible with 3.5mm headphones, it's only when it's combined with the H3 waterproof headphones the iN3 provides a waterproof way to listen to your music.

Offering protection from aqua up to 10 foot or 3 metres, it claims to give easy, full function control of the nano's click wheel and menu commands even if you are fully submerged in water.

Complete with a sport armband, the iN3 waterproof case the third gen iPod nano sells for $79.99 and is available immediately in the States in Apple stores and other retailers.