Media storage specialist Escient today unveiled its capacious Vision VX-600 at CES Las Vegas.

An unbelievably capable digital media storage unit and organiser, the VX-600 sports four RAID 5 configured 1TB drives roomy enough to hold an amazing 600 films as well as all of your music and photo files, which it can then stream direct to its companion player, the Escient VC1 (it can actually stream to multiple VC1s thanks to its networking capabilities), which is 1080p capable with HDMI v1.3 support for full high-definition goodness.

Also included is integrated support for the American Rhapsody music subscription service (£12.99 a month for unlimited access to over five million songs in around 500 genres), which is due to launch in Europe in the first half of this year.

An extremely intuitive and simple user interface has been developed with the ability to search your media files in almost any way possible. Films, for example, can be browsed by title, genre, actor, director, rating, cover shot and more.

On sale at the end of the month, the UK price is yet to be confirmed but will retail for $8,000 Stateside. The VC1 is already on sale at £2000 if you want to get a head start.