Got $15,000 to spend on your home entertainment? Then one company has just the product for you.

New from lesser-known audiophile Klipsch is the ultra high-spec Palladium P-39F floorstanding speaker, unveiled at CES Las Vegas today.

The Palladium features a 3.5-way Tapered Array design with new proprietary horn-loaded tweeter assembly made of unique acoustically damped materials. There’s a sophisticated 114mm inverted aluminium diaphragm dome midrange and three high-output woofers to create a distinctly precise sonic experience with very high sensitivity and extremely low distortion.

Feature highlights are endless and unbelievably detailed but the key points include acoustically inert, carbon-infused thermoset composite 90 x 60-degree Tractrix Horns and phase plugs, a 19mm titanium diaphragm super tweeter with twin N38H neodymium magnet motor structure, chambered phase plug, three 228mm hybrid aluminium/Kevlar diaphragm woofers with triple N35H neodymium magnet motor structures and dual Faraday aluminium shooting rings, high-flow low-restriction die-cast aluminium midrange and woofer frames with integrated heatsinks and tri-wire gold-plated binding posts with gold-plated bus-bars.

All of which may sound like a foreign language to most, but it could go some way to justifying the price tag for a pair.

If you fancy upgrading, the Palladium is available now across the Pond.