A gaming vest and helmet that lets you feel actions within video games has been shown off at CES in Las Vegas.

TN Games behind the concept has developed two vests, one for first person shooter and one for racings games, and a helmet to help immerse you into the gameplay.

The TN Games 3rd Space FPS Vest promises to replicate direction and force of bullet fire in a first-person shooter game by using air to fire 8 pneumatic cells embedded in the vest.

The makers say that in addition, a wide array of sensory experiences, from crushing explosions to fear-inducing finger taps on the gamers' shoulders, can be experienced.

The vest is available in black, digital camouflage and comes in two highly adjustable sizes to fit all size of gamer.

There are currently two games that work with the Vest; the company's own title; "Incursion" and a 3rd Space enabled version of Activision's "Call of Duty II" game.

Those wanting to immerse themselves further can opt for the HXT Helmet.

Specifically optimised to convey 6 additional effect zones in and around the player's head, the helmet will include 4 small diameter helmet specific force cells (1 front, 1 back and one on each side) to allow for 3 dimensional "head shot" effects.

The cells, according to TN Games, give users the added physical effect and awareness without being painful or harmful.

There will also be a new air jet system over each ear to allow "near miss" effects to be emulated.

"Many players are demanding a 'full body' gaming experience and the 3rd Space HXT Gear delivers", said Dr. Mark Ombrellaro, CEO, TN Games.

The company has also launched a TN Games 3rd Space G-Force/Racing Vest that sends the physical impact and sensations of G-force effects directly to player's bodies.
The vest is specifically optimised to convey G-force effects through the use of 6 large force cells optimally placed inside the vest giving acceleration, deceleration, centrifugal and G-force effects.

The vest employs 2 cells in the chest (right and left), 2 cells in the back (right and left) and side cells (right and left) situated along the vest's compression straps.

According to the company, with acceleration in the game, the chest cells activate and a force is applied directly to the front of the user.

Faster acceleration causes more rapid and forceful cell activation and a greater applied force to the player.

For braking, the back cells activate which applies a force directly to the user's back and simulates what actually happens during deceleration.

With the side cells, the 3rd Space GFR Vest is able to reproduce the sideways effects of the body's natural motion in a turning vehicle.

The overall effect, it is promises, is that of what a driver would experience in a real automobile.