Disabled people who struggle to get across fields or on to the beach at the seaside can now get the ultimate wheelchair going thanks to Tank Chair Mk II.

Although you're unlikely to get it in the back of a car, the chair, on show at CES in Las Vegas this week, is constructed out of a one-piece steel chassis with the tracks made from ruggedised rubber and lightweight aluminium struts.

Other tech specs include the 24v, 2hp, 127rpm variable speed motor that is powered by four Optima Deep Cycle batteries.

According to its creator (the smug dude in the chair in the pictures) it can even outpace a golf cart.

Coming with a 22:1 gear ratio it can traverse a 10% incline, most likely so you can run over cars you don't like.

Pricing details of the all new and improved model weren't available, however.

All it appears to be missing is the cannon.

Pictures by Geoffrey Salter.