Audio giant Dolby and imaging stalwart SIM2 CES have announced a collaboration together in the shape of the Dolby backlit LED array LCD TV technology.

Described by Dolby PR manager Joshua Gershman as “the future of TV”, this new imaging technology creates a visually cleaner and brighter image from a standard LCD TV.

In an HDR-enabled (High Dynamic Range) display, the backlight consists of an array of ultra high-brightness white or tricolor light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

Each LED can be controlled individually – faster than video refresh rates. The lower-resolution LED image is then projected through a standard LCD panel, which displays a high-resolution version of the image, resulting in a vibrant display.

Although only in prototype stage, it looks set to challenge the premium end of the display market.

Collaborating with SIM2 to create a high-end, high aesthetic television set, Dolby claims the technology works across all screen sizes but because of its "premium" status the companies will be concentrating on the larger display market.

A working prototype is expected in the first quarter 2008 with a finished product due in the second half of the year with a price point over the £10,000 mark.

We will keep you posted.