CES 2008: A look at WowWee's Wrex the Dawg

Pocket-lint has had a full hands-on demo of WowWee's new Wrex the Dawg robotic canine at CES 2008.

We were highly amused by the WowWee rep we spoke to's interpretation of the product - as Wrex is described as a parody of a robot dog.

With the thinking behind the new product that there are so many robotic dogs on the market already, WowWee wanted to distinguish their offering with a touch of humour.

Not your typical robotic pet, Wrex is a junkyard dog, built from discarded mechanical and electrical parts, in dire need of re-programming.

With three moods, happy, angry and crazy, the 14-motor robot offers full facial animation, and, just like more famous robot dogs, occasionally breaks down and needs resetting.

A nice touch is the remote control for Wrex, a new design from WowWee that has an industrial look and feel to it that works perfectly with Wrex's junkyard roots.

Wrex will be available to buy in the States late spring, early summer, pricing to be confirmed.