Creative has announced the Xdock HD, what it claims is the ultimate "iPod dock for your home theatre system" at CES in Las Vegas.

Continuing to acknowledge that people own Apple's iPods over the company's own MP3 player (hey if you can't beat them fleece them) the iPod dock will upconvert your iPod video content to 720p or 1080i resolution and your music to X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity.

The Xdock HD plays video on any HDTV in full DTS surround sound and it can also wirelessly play music through X-Fi Wireless Receivers connected to speakers throughout the home.

The Xdock HD is designed for use with the iPod touch, iPod classic, new iPod nano and previous-generation iPods.

The Xdock HD connects to a home cinema system via HDMI, or it can be connected with component or composite for video and analog line-out or optical line-out for audio.

While it docks and charges an iPod, the Xdock HD outputs a menu to an HDTV screen which users can navigate with the included wireless remote to select videos, music, photos and podcasts.

Users can also adjust video settings including skin tone correction, luminescence sharpening and colour saturation.

The Creative Xdock HD includes one X-Fi Wireless Receiver to wirelessly connect to a pair of remote speakers, and will be available in Spring 2008 for $399.99. Additional X-Fi Wireless Receivers will be available for $99.99.

No word on whether or not it will be coming to the UK or whether the company will be making a similar device for its own range of Media players.