New from speaker specialist Anthony Gallo is the Strada speaker series, unveiled at CES 2008.

Larger than the former Due model but smaller than the Reference AV, the Strada Series falls somewhere between the A’ Diva Ti and Reference AV speaker lines.

Enclosed in a sleek new cast aluminium frame and stand, Anthony Gallo boasts "unparalleled high-end performance" from the proprietary CDTII tweeter coupled with the extended low-frequency response of its patented S2 technology.

The new Strada uses the same 4-inch proprietary carbon fibre drivers with neodymium magnets as used in the Reference Series speakers.

Available as a standalone unit, the Strada can act as centre channel of a full home entertainment package when married to the TR-1 or new TR-3 subwoofer and any of the Micro, Micro Ti, A’ Diva and A’ Diva TI speaker series.

Alternatively, they can be used as surrounds with any of the Reference Series home theatre setups.

Available in Matte White, Silver Gray, Black and Stainless Steel finishes, each is shipped with a wall mount though floor and table stands are available as optional extras.

Due in the second quarter, pricing should be somewhere between $700-800, with a UK release "guaranteed" but not specified.

Put simply, they sound amazing.