Building on announcements made at IFA in 2007, Texas Instruments DLP has unveiled a full working prototype of its Pico projector, ensconced in a mock mobile phone similar in size to the iPhone at CES in Las Vegas.

Developed in conjunction with Sypro and Young Optics, DLP’s Pico works as a standalone product as well as being integrated into a small portable device such as a digital camera or mobile phone and will go up against the newly announced 3M mini projector also announced at CES.

Expanding on portable product versatility, the Pico means video and graphic sharing will be much more accessible and exciting – previewing photos at a decent size and watching videos downloaded to your phone without having to squint at the miniscule screen.

"We see increased opportunity and an abundance of applications that can be created with these devices. With help from DLP, Young Optics is able to deliver a mobile product design to enable the global market in 2008", said Claude Hsu, president of Young Optics.