Pioneer's Kuro plamsa television range has been well received so far (winning a Pocket-lint award among others) but the company are not sitting on their laurels and just basking in the glow of critical success.

Shown as a concept, with no hints of when this might make it to market, the company has been working on the top secret "Project Kuro" in a mission to "end the contrast ratio discussion".

Shown as CES, Pocket-lint were invited into an exclusive demo of the new "Extreme Contrast" screen, described as "truly unique" and "never before seen" and were very impressed with what we saw.

The new displays are capable of "absolute" black, with no measurable light whatsoever emitting from the television, which means a better, more beautiful viewing experience.

In fact, because they are absolute black, there isn't even a contrast ratio measurement that can be provided.

With no real technical details revealed - for industry reasons - the only info Pioneer would discuss is that the concept screen on display is a 50-inch, 1080p capable, non-priming, self emmissive technology screen.

Sadly, our images do not do it justice, but you can take our word for it that it was a very impressive display with image quality that made us look forward to future - and thankful for the time to save up in the meanwhile...