What do you get that special person who has almost everything already this Christmas? Here are five suggestions ranging from a state-of-the-art toothbrush to a laptop that will set you back the price of a five-bedroom house from Pocket-lint to get them to excited on the 25th December.

Every day until Christmas Pocket-lint will be offering you gift suggestions for all the people in your life, whether they are just gadget mad or a business traveller.

Think of it as our little Advent Calendar to you.

For the person who has almost everything:

Philips sonicare toothbrush

, £180
If they've got everything then they'll need to have the smile to match. As a toothbrush, the Philips FlexCare does an amazing job.

For those looking to be extra clean, the included UV clean chamber is a great idea and one that will no doubt appeal those particularly interested in oral hygiene.

Overall it's a big smiles up from us.

Denon AH-D5000

, £499
Denon's high-end full-size headphone have been designed and "voiced" by Denon's hi-fi engineering team and befitting such a pedigree come with a polished mahogany finish.

The £499.99 headphones are "reference class" closed stereo headphones for music lovers who you want to listen to music exclusively and uninterrupted-ly.

Just the thing for listening to the latest pop-picks on...

Vertu Signature mobile phone

, £tba
If you've got money to burn, chances are they won't have one of these. Covered in diamonds, this mobile phone has taken eight designers over 4 years perfecting the feel of the keypad and there are 388 mechanical components plus a total of 74 patents protecting its intellectual property.

Of course you could just buy them a decent phone.

Tom James Company Pinstripe Suit

, £6000 - £12,000
American suit company - The Tom James Company - has created the ultimate suit for the man that has a big ego and loves his suits.

The idea that makes this suit stand out from the crowd is that the pinstripe actually spells your name. Nice. Anyone can personalize their suit's pinstripes using family member names, company mottos or even, in some instances, logos.

Luvaglio's Million Dollar Laptop

, £500,000
Your regular Sony Vaio's and Apple MacBook Pro are going to be no good so you've got to invest heavily. What better way to show your love than by buying them a laptop that costs twice the price of the average home in the UK.

Cheap with the dollar the price that it is at the moment, details are sketchy on what tech is inside, but you'll get plenty of head turning if you're brave enough to use it in a meeting.