A rather scary report recently claimed that two-thirds of British drivers are unaware of what the legal limit for car tyres is and subsequently many are driving around with dangerously worn tread on their cars.

TV news reports graphically illustrated the differences in stopping distance between legal and illegal tyres. It was sobering stuff and got us thinking: do you still have to trudge down to Kwik-Fit with your motor or is there a better alternative?

It didn't take long to find this site. It comes highly recommended by loads of motoring magazines and organisations and it's easy to see why. Great prices (quoted as a fully-fitted, no extras cost) and they come to you. Oredering is simple and there are video guides to help you measure your tread and find your correct size.

Difficult to fault. (Apart from the gurning face of Vicky Butler-Henderson on the home page - looks like somebody just goosed her...)


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