What do you get your parents or grandparents this Christmas? Here are five suggestions ranging from a the Nintendo DS to a Wireless photo frame from Pocket-lint to get them excited on the 25th December.

Every day until Christmas Pocket-lint will be offering you gift suggestions for all the people in your life, whether they are just gadget mad or a business traveller.

Think of it as our little Advent Calendar to you.

For the Grandparents:

Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 webcam

, £60
As we all move further and further away from our loved ones, you need to stay in touch. The first webcams designed in collaboration with Carl Zeiss from Logitech, the QuickCam Pro 9000 promises top notch image quality and a built in microphone. Plus with new support for a higher image quality in Skype you'll be able to see who you are talking to as well.

Pure Evoke-1S digital radio

, £99.99
The Pure Digital EVOKE-1S is the "enhanced" follow-up to the EVOKE-1XT, the world’s best selling digital radio.

Improvements come with the addition ChargePAK support that offers up to 24 hours of portable listening between charges and an auxiliary input to connect an iPod or MiniDisc player.

The company has also added an FM tuner with RDS for maximum station choice.

The EVOKE-1S is available in real maple or cherry from all leading electrical retailers for £99.99 in September.

The Fuji FinePix Z5FD digital camera

, £100
Winner of the best compact camera award at this years Pocket-lint awards, the Fuji Z5FD comes in three spritely colours: Raspberry Red, Mocha Brown, and Silver the compact camera sports a 3x optical zoom, 6.3MP, a 2.5-inch LCD, and ISO up to 1600.

The Z5fd comes with Face Detection technology that promises tp lock on to faces and follows them to keep them in focus until they move out of frame or the user snaps a picture.

Fujifilm has also incorporated Intelligent Flash and a new blog mode into the Z5fd.

Other features include movie recording at 30fps with sound, and 14 scene modes.

Nintendo DS with Brain Training and Sight Training

, £99.99 plus games £19.99
A games console for granny, surely you've got to be kidding? No we are not. Give them the handheld and a copy of Brain Training or Sight Training and they'll be hooked, you won't have to talk to them at Christmas and everyone will be happy. Oh and it might actually mean they'll remember who you are as both titles promise to simulate and help battle memory lost and poor eyesight.

Kodak Wi-Fi digital photo frame

, £100 - £200
Kodak's wireless digital photo frames allow you to share your digital pictures with your folks.

The Kodak offering stands out from the crowd because it comes with Wi-Fi support that is connected to the company's online gallery so you can upload images without having to visit.

If you don't want to use the online option you can source digital files from any digital still camera, home PC, Jump Drive and Flash Drive via USB 2.0.