What do you get the little rascal in your life this Christmas? Here are five suggestions ranging from a CSI Fingerprint Examination Kit to the Xbox 360 from Pocket-lint to get him excited on the 25th December.

Every day until Christmas Pocket-lint will be offering you gift suggestions for all the people in your life, whether they are just gadget mad or a business traveller.

Think of it as our little Advent Calendar to you.

For your son:

CSI Fingerprint Examination Kit

, £19.95
The Fingerprint kit includes fingerprint brush, back and white fingerprint dusting powders, clear acetate, magnifying glass, crime scene tape, fingerprint stamps, ink pad, UV light and fingerprint ID card portfolio so your little one can do some detective work around the house to find out where you've been. Brilliant.

Guitar Hero 3

, £60
If you're teenager is into Nirvana, Metallica and all that then get them jamming to some mean rock anthems with Guitar Hero 3. Available on all major console formats, you get a wireless guitart to strum and even the chance to go head to head against a mate (controller permitting). Great fun.

Lego bulldozer

, £100
What better way to bond with your son if not by building a bulldozer made from Lego for the better half of the week. The Technic model comes with four individual motors and a remote control to control them all.

Turn it on the spot through 360 degrees, operate the blade/ripper position and working piston engine and move the vehicle around on realistic caterpillar tracks.

Casio EXILIM Card EX-S880

, £130
The 8 megapixel compact digital camera from Casio's main exciting feature is that it sports a YouTube BestShot mode that allows you to film and then upload in the right format to the popular video sharing website.

Casio has also included an exclusive software application that makes it fast and simple to upload movies to YouTube.

The new cameras also feature anti-shake, blur reduction, an auto-tracking AF system, and face detection technology.

Xbox 360 arcade

, £180
The Xbox 360 Elite might be on the Christmas list, but the considerably cheaper Xbox 360 Arcade shouldn't be overlooked. Coming with the same graphics, the only difference is a 40GB hard drive rather than 120GB and no HDMI. You still however get a great choice of games to play.