What do you get the little princess in your life this Christmas? Here are five suggestions ranging from a Shaun the Sheep Speaker system to an animated horse called Butterscotch from Pocket-lint to get her excited on the 25th December.

Every day until Christmas Pocket-lint will be offering you gift suggestions for all the people in your life, whether they are just gadget mad or a business traveller.

Think of it as our little Advent Calendar to you.

For your daughter:

Shaun the Sheep iPod speaker

, £29.99
Based on Shaun the Sheep of Wallace and Gromit fame, the woolly star is part sheep, part soft cuddly toy, part robot, part speaker.

Available from toy makers Golden Bear, the Music Scene Shaun allows you to plug your iPod/MP3 player into Shaun and watch the coloured lights dance on his earphones as your music plays.

SingStar - PS2, PS3

, £35
While your daughter will probably want a Wii this Christmas trying to find one is going to be near impossible. If you've got a PS2 or PS3 opt for SingStar. Those not in the know, SingStar is the karaoke game that gets you singing to numerous tunes from rock anthems to Bollywood, SingStar on the PS3 brings all the same magic of the PS2 version but to the new console.

V-Tech Vsmile console

, £34.99
If your daughter is still too young to play with grown-up consoles, or maybe you just want some education in your play you need the Vsmile games console from V-Tech. Plugging into your TV there are a plethora of games including titles featuring Dora the Explorer, Sponge Bob Square Pants and Disney characters. You can also get a handheld console that the games will work in so your little one can play on the go.

Book Stool

, £34.99
If your daughter is a book worm, she'll no doubt love this stool made out of books to sit on.

Available from I Want One Of Those it's made from moulded resin and measures 40 x 32 x 25cm in size.

Those looking to complete the look will also be able to get a book shelf made from books at the same time.

Fur Real Friends Butterscotch Pony

, £250
What do you get the girl that has everything, her very own electronic pony that's what.

With the promise of realistic animation, movement and sounds, this incredibly lifelike pony stands over three feet tall and responds to touch and talking.

Scary isn't the word, happiness of your little princess probably is.