Created by the masters of design over at Suck UK, the iPod Boombox is now available over at Firebox.

A true Eighties icon, the boombox, or ghetto blaster as it was also know back in the day, is as synonymous with the decade as fluro colours, big shoulder pads and bad electronic pop.

Made of out cardboard, this future design classic comes flatpacked for the owner to assemble, which we think just adds to the fun.

Apparently a "doddle" to build, owners need just unfold the cardboard, attach the speakers, bung in the batteries and they're away. Obviously the iPod is not supplied.

Despite the cardboard construction and the £20 price tag, the claim is that the sound is actually alright - or alright enough to have on your desk in the office and impress your colleagues by sticking on some old skool hip-hop and busting some breakdancing moves...

Just don't carry it around on your shoulder, that's taking the whole retro thing one step too far...

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