Warner announces DVDs with digital versions for PC and PMPs

Warner Home Video has announced what will be the the first DVD to provide multiple formatted versions of the same film on a single disc.

The release of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" on December 11th in the States will include both the full-size DVD video as well as separate digital copies for playback on computers and on portable media players.

Warner are hoping that this will future-proof the release, but perhaps more crucially for them, will mean consumers towing their official line as far as getting the movie on their PCs, rather than using a DVD ripper.

No info has been provided as to the format in which the extra digital copies will be supplied in, although speculation puts it likely to be a copyright protected scheme via Windows Media Video files.

A legal form of DVD burning on demand to bridge the gap between in-store buying and downloading will also come to shops in America soon, Warner revealed.