Social networking is something of a cultural phenomenon. MySpace, Facebook, Bebo and the like have created a new pastime so compelling that employers are having to block access to the sites to ensure their workforces actually do some work from time to time.

No such restrictions here, I'm happy to say. We can spend hours surfing the net, all in the name of valuable research of course, looking for great new sites that will open up a whole new world of virtual friends and interests.

This, I'm sad to say, definitely isn't one of them. It claims to be the social networking site "for grown-ups". Not sure what that means but when I first clapped eyes on the home page and saw that the first subject heading listed under "Meet people by their interests" was "abuse", alarm bells started ringing.

Other hot topics include "prison", "war", "death", "drugs" and "suicide".

If that's what being a grown-up's got going for it, I think I'll stick with the "immature" sites. At least they know how to have fun.

Ironically, the other topic that stands out is "I-don't-understand-this"


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