Passwords, passwords, passwords. Life used to be so simple didn't it? Nowadays you need passwords, codes and four-digit PINs to do just about anything. I haven't accessed my mobile phone account for months because I can't remember the PIN, and they won't reset it until - you guessed it - I can tell them my PIN (Chicken? Egg? Chicken? Egg?)

Thinking up and remembering secure new passwords can be tricky and this little site can help with the first bit. Each time you visit the page it will spit out a new collection of unique alphanumeric passwords. Make a note of them and they're yours forever.

You can also ask it to provide codes for more specific tasks a like your wireless network WEP key. If you don't have one, get one. Now. Piggy-backing is a growing problem and it's now a criminal offence too.

Admittedly, this site won't help you remember any of these passwords, but remember this little news story?

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It's used by the US Army, so now all they have to remember now is which soldiers to drop their bombs on.

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