Preparations are well underway for IFA 2007, the world’s largest consumer electronic fair held in Berlin from 31 August till 5 September.

Pocket-lint will be reporting on all the news from the show floor, much of which will be devoted to high definition technology for home entertainment.

With the commercial availability of HDTV and HD media in Europe mainstream companies will be clambering over themselves to show us their new products.

IFA 2007 is likely to concentrate on all the latest high def gadgets, including TV screens and HD DVD and Blu-ray players.

Big announcements from Creative, TomTom, Sony, T-Mobile Toshiba, and Samsung are all expected at the show.

You can catch up with all the latest news and first look reviews from the show in a number of ways on Pocket-lint this year.

Via our dedicated IFA channel, our show RSS feed, or news alerts directly to your inbox if you are a member.

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The IFA channel and feeds will be live from today for the next couple of weeks.