It must be my age, but this could be one of the best sites we've featured all year. As anybody who knows me will tell you, I will often have a story to tell about a run-in with a Customer Service department of some company or other. That's because I don't like to take things lying down.

I won't accept stuff that I think is out of order. This means I'm often labelled "difficult", but there you go - at least I get things off my chest. And every now and again I do get a result. I won't bore you with any examples (there are too many) but I suspect I'm not the only person who every now and again thinks: "that's not on" and wants to say something about it.

This site offers just such an outlet.

Once registered, you can share your experiences, whether good or bad, and let others comment, be they agreeing or disagreeing with your views.

It's a very civilised way of getting things off your chest and it also allows the companies concerned to see what people really think of them, and then hopefully respond.

This service is just coming out of beta and you might see that most of the posts are about US-based companies.

So, come on everyone - let's show our Colonial cousins that we mean business and that we just won't stand for it any more!.

It's a revolution, I tell you... form


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